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If you are charged with a white collar crime in Nevada, you will face an uncertain future. You risk losing your freedom and quality of life.  A conviction can change everything. You may face a long prison sentence or steep fines. You may have to give up your career. With so much at stake, it’s critical to contact a highly trained white collar criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed with state and federal regulations. You need someone who can help you navigate through the legal system and protect your rights. Your reputation could be on the line. Don’t take chances with your future. Contact Paul S. Padda & Associates.

Founded by former Nevada federal prosecutors, our law firm has a well-earned reputation for fighting for the rights of people facing a wide range of criminal charges in Nevada. We have a strong track record because we thoroughly understand the state and federal rules and regulations governing such cases. We understand the inner workings of government and how legal decisions are often made. We take our job seriously because we know your job and your reputation is on the line. You can count on us for top-notch, personalized service and attention. Your case matters here.

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When the government comes knocking on your door, it often brings bad news. Having highly experienced representation at the outset can put you in a better position when dealing with either local or federal governmental agencies. If you are facing investigation involving any of the following areas, contact Paul S. Padda & Associates today to discuss the details of your case:

  • Drug crimes
  • Immigration crimes
  • Healthcare crimes
  • Election crimes
  • Conflicts of Interest crimes

At Paul S. Padda & Associates we employ top-notch investigators, including former FBI and federal agents that can help “level the playing field.” Dealing with the government can be stressful and intimidating. For that reason, you need advocates in your corner that have the ability to counter the government’s tremendous resources. We know that you may have done nothing wrong and you may be wrongly accused. In some cases, there may be mitigating circumstances that we can bring to a court’s attention.

In an article discussing “government arrogance,” highly-respected and famed op-ed columnist George Will noted that many people go into government service “because they enjoy bossing people around.” Sadly, government arrogance is not new. As early as the founding of this great nation, Founding Father Patrick Henry was an outspoken and unwavering critic of corruption in government officials and an ardent defender of “historic rights.” As you may recall from reading history, it was Mr. Henry that proclaimed “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” No truer words have ever been spoken.

If you or a loved one are facing government scrutiny and dealing with the “arrogance” described by Mr. Will, you need tough advocates in your corner that will stand up forcefully for your rights and be willing to speak truth to power.

Respected Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers ready to stand up for your rights

As a trial lawyer, Ruth Cohen, Of Counsel, is well-known to lawyers and judges in Las Vegas. As the first woman ever hired by the United States Attorney’s Office in Nevada, she earned the respect and recognition of her peers by routinely prosecuting difficult and challenging cases. To learn more about her illustrious career, click here and read the impressive profile of her in the Nevada Lawyer magazine.

During his time as a federal prosecutor, Paul Padda consistently received “outstanding” performance reviews by his supervisors. A skilled attorney, Mr. Padda was lauded by the United States Attorney for his “commitment to justice.” He was selected to represent Sen. Harry Reid in a civil lawsuit, demonstrating the immense confidence the United States government placed in Mr. Padda.  Shouldn’t you deserve the same level of representation?

With nearly 100 civil and criminal jury trials between them, Ms. Cohen and Mr. Padda can provide clients with insight, wisdom, perspective and invaluable judgment in dealing with the federal government. Combining their strong written advocacy skills with excellent trial abilities, Paul S. Padda & Associates offers its clients first-rate legal representation. If the government comes knocking on your door, you want Paul S. Padda & Associates on your side. After all, it’s only your future at stake.

Criminal defense attorneys Paul S. Padda & Associates treat clients with dignity and respect

This may be your only opportunity for justice. Seize it! Contact us today. Call (800) 967-1923 and schedule an appointment. Our experienced lawyers want to meet with you and help you develop a strategy to addresses your legal issue.